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The testimonial video began to produce an immediate impact as soon as I put it on the website. I had a potential client that was referred to me by one of my existing clients. She was convinced that I could help her grow her business but she wanted to run things by her husband. OH, NO!!! The dreaded "expert". Needless to say the expert was not excited and didn’t see the value that I provided. Mainly because he had no understanding of what I did and didn’t have an opportunity to meet me so that he could get to know, like and trust me. I sent her a link to the website and told her to browse the website with him and watch the video that has some of my other clients providing feedback about the value of the service that I provide them. Her husband did a complete 180 Degree turn around and agreed that I would be a great help to her and her business. I received an immediate ROI from purchase of the testimonial video. It is a very leveraged way to get my clients to do my selling for me.

Reggie Shropshire, ACTION Business Coach

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