Why Online Videos Sell

Personal and Interactive
The Internet is the new TV. People don’t use the yellow pages as much as Google. Having an interactive sales video on your website will educate and draw people into what you offer just as the television has done for the past 60 years. It’s all about emotion, and if your customers can see and hear other ordinary people raving about you, it brings a sense of urgency to purchase from you.

It Sells for You!
Some people love selling…but it’s safe to say that the majority of business owners have a hard time selling in person without “feeling” like a salesperson; because no one likes an unsolicited sales pitch. Let the video sell for you! It’s put online in multiple places for the world to see, and it's less intrusive, which means it’s more likely to have a positive impact on a customer.

Online Video is Too Enticing Not to be Watched
A video on a website sends a strong subliminal signal that’s almost irresistible: “Watch me!” A website visitor is more likely to click-and-watch a video than to take time to read through pages of text. It’s the best way of getting to the point and keeping your potential customers interested.

“Viral” Marketing
A phenomenon and marketing craze of the digital age is “viral video” – videos whether personal or from businesses being sent friend-to-friend online resulting in millions of views at no cost to you. Add on to that the ease and ability to host videos on YouTube, Google, Yahoo and tens of other blogs and video portals to get your message out there…instantly!

Online Shopping is Now People’s First Choice
During the 90’s, it was hard to tell whether online was safe or more convenient…not any more. It is reported that 71% of Americans have access to the Web these days and consumers are shopping online more and more (www.InternetWorldStats.com). Forrester Research projects online sales to climb to $229 Billion in 2008. We believe that having your video online is the best place for you to cash in on those sales.

Video Speaks to Busy People
Spare time is hard to come by these days! In today’s world, consumers are looking for the most efficient and fastest way to make a decision. We’re all working longer hours and multitasking. Online videos are great because they are short and to the point, delivering tons of info in minimum time.

Brings Newness to Your Site
Websites need constant change so visitors have a reason to come back. It’s easy to put online videos in rotation so there’s always something new. And even if nothing else on your site changes, video’s prominence and page dominance gives an aura of newness.

Videos Are Now Instantly Accessible
When everyone had dial-up, online video was out of the question. But now that 60% of connections are DSL, cable, or other high speed, download times have plummeted. Streaming video revolutionized the ability for anyone to have a video on their website for pennies on the day.

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As today’s society becomes ever more virtual, the consumer has become dependent on seeing products and service before making any purchase decisions. Video marketing gets to the root of this demand. In essence, it all goes back to the old writing adage, ‘Show, don’t tell.’ The sale is in the viewing, so to speak.

- Stephen Bon, Bon's Eye Design

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