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Tired of pouring tons of your money into a handful of print ads that aren’t selling?
Sick of paying for 30 seconds of airtime on TV that isn’t bringing results?
Put the power of online video to work for you as a 24/7 sales person!

Your Best Sales Person is a division of Life Stage Productions, LLC. Serving the Carolinas, we are a full-service video production company located in Wilmington, North Carolina. With the rapid increase in web traffic and potential customers looking for businesses on Google instead of the Yellow Pages, our firm has gained the knowledge and experience in providing small businesses with effective web videos and marketing solutions for their website. We believe having a promotional video, testimonial, or commercial on your website really is “Your Best Sales Person”. It is the perfect way to greet potential customers that walk through your virtual doors, 24/7. Your Best Sales Person serves small businesses from concept to creation. We can guide, script and direct your vision for your video all the way through delivery on your website. For more information about how we can increase your sales, contact us.

Our videos are designed to sell your product or service by talking in real terms about how people can benefit from what you offer, and powerfully gives first hand experiences from your past clients using video testimonials. By investing into an online video, you have a salesperson that never sleeps. Our online videos bring in more web traffic and close more sales simply because it gets to the heart of why people buy products or services in the first place…emotion!

Please visit our blog as well to learn concrete and up to the minute stats and info related to how online videos are popular, powerful, and effective. We also post recent work, and relevant articles to help businesses make informed decisions for their marketing.

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Did you know?

Internet video has jumped from 12 percent of the global consumer Internet traffic in 2006 to 22 percent in 2007, .... and Internet video are forecast to account for nearly 90 percent of all consumer IP traffic in 2012.

- Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast

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